Mirena IUD – PTC

Are you experiencing severe headaches, extreme dizziness, or blindness after being implanted with the mirena iud?

Women who use the Mirena IUD, and similar birth control devices that release the hormone levonorgestrel, may develop Pseudotumor Cerebri (PTC), a serious neurological condition which causes intracranial fluid accumulation also known as build-up of fluid around the brain

If you or a loved one experienced serious problems after using a Mirena IUD, then call us. Studies have show that after insertion, the Mirena IUD can move, causing serious injuries requiring removal, as well as additional surgeries to repair damages caused by the IUD or its removal.

The FDA has issued warnings for the implanted birth control device Mirena.

The Mirena IUD has been linked to serious side effects:

·    Perforation of Uterus
·    Serious Infection or Abscess
·    Perforation of Other Organs
·    Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
·    Infertility
·    Death

If you or loved one had a Mirena IUD implant and had it removed, whether by surgery or in a doctor's office, then you may be entitled to compensation. Goldberg Attorneys are investigating potential lawsuits on behalf of users of the Mirena IUD. Mirena injuries can be extremely painful, and may impact the lives of victims and their families for years to come. Although Mirena has been promoted as a safe and reversible form of birth control, women may face an unreasonable risk of problems, such as spontaneous migration and uterine perforation.

More than 2 million women throughout the U.S. have used Mirena since it was introduced in December 2000, and popularity continues to rise.

The FDA received a total of 45,966 adverse event reports associated with Mirena IUD between November 1, 1997 and June 30, 2012. The FDA has previously warned Bayer about the marketing of Mirena, which failed to disclose safety risks while claiming the devices could help “busy moms” with intimacy and make them “look and feel great.”

If you have experienced serious problems following use of a Mirena IUD, call Goldberg Attorneys, 800.600.6014, for a free, confidential consultation. You may be entitled to financial compensation.


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